Everyone’s Got a Kingdom


My “kingdom” includes all the things I have control over.  I chose every item I ate today (mostly healthy stuff plus 1 donut) – what I eat is a part of my kingdom.  It got way hotter than my preferred 78 degrees today – the weather is not a part of my kingdom. 

But everyone has control over what they say.  And everyone has control over who they show love to.  You may control a lot more than this (own your own company?  a TV remote?) But what we say and how we treat people are always a part of our respective kingdoms. 

Of course, my kingdom is not my first concern (or at least I don’t want it to be).  My first concern is the Kingdom of God.  God’s kingdom is the one full of hope and justice, and not just for me but for all.  So I’ve got to find ways to hand over the keys to my kingdom. 

Here is my simple goal for this week: I’m going to tell people what I enjoy about them.  Maybe it’ll be saying thank you for a favor – maybe it’ll be to compliment their shoes.  But I’m going to say it out loud.  It’s not huge, but it’s something.  It’s a way for me to use the things I have control over to make someone else’s life better.  It’s a way for me to turn a piece of my kingdom over to God’s kingdom. 

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