Yes, THAT person too


The key to letting Jesus really change your life is making sure you keep his instructions out of the abstract. When he says “love your enemies,” don’t start arguments about whether or not you can really love Adolf Hitler or ISIS.  Instead, think about the person who has made you the angriest lately and ask yourself what it would look like to treat them with love.


do that.

It’s not going to be easy, but just trying to do it will make you more like Jesus.  Or at least it will remind you to ask for help.  And if you actually pull it off?  Well, then you’re all-of-a-sudden one of those people who changes the world.  You’re one of those people who asks a crying woman if she’s OK whether you know her or not.  You’re one of those people who lets someone merge into traffic in front of you even if you’re in a hurry.  You’re one of those people who doesn’t just link to a post about childhood hunger but gives or volunteers at your local food bank.  You’re all-of-a-sudden a follower of Christ.  Don’t get caught up in the abstract questions – do something.

And if you don’t pull it off this time?  If all you discover is that you need help?  Ask God for help.  God wants to help.

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