What “Jas the Less” Means

James the Less was one of Jesus’ 12 apostles.  He was probably called James the Less because he was either younger, shorter, or just less important than James the son of Zebedee.  We know practically nothing about James the Less, and I take that as a sign of his self-less work.  Hopefully, naming my blog after a guy who’s both important and still unkown will remind me to write with commitment and humility.

“Jas” is a not-too-often-used nickname for James.  It came from an early English abbreviation for the Biblical book of James.  John was Jhn, Mark was Mrk, James was Jas.  Someone saw it and decided it would work as a name.  It’s pronounced Jass, like class or crass.  I don’t really go by Jas very often, but all the good James-reference domain names are already taken.

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