Yes, THAT person too

The key to letting Jesus really change your life is making sure you keep his instructions out of the abstract. … More

Sent to… Somewhere

Ten years ago yesterday, I landed back in the U.S. after 20 days in Mozambique. It was my first mission … More

Writing Changes Things

The Gospel of Mark changed the world.  It was the first gospel written (there’s debate on this, but I’m convinced) … More

Conspicuous Servanthood

Last night, I was ordained as an Elder in the United Methodist Church. I started this process just over 8 … More

Us and Them

When humans lived in caves, and had to kill their food with sticks, it was very important to know who … More

Give Christmas Back

 I wrote this letter to the editor of The Tulsa World and they published it (edited slightly for length) last Sunday – … More